Borges kicks off an Action Plan on Biodiversity on the Mas de Colom estate

  • Grup Alba holds the 3rd Llavors de Futur seminar in collaboration with Plant for the Planet
  • Borges launches its Biodiversity Action Plan at the Mas de Colom estate, planting legacy fruit trees in danger of extinction

Coinciding with a visit from Felix Finkbeiner and the Plant for the Planet team, the 3rd Llavors de Futur seminar, organised by Grup Alba was the launchpad for the Biodiversity Action Plan on the Mas de Colom estate with the Global Nature Foundation. Around 15 youngsters from schools in Tàrrega, Felix Finkbeiner and Plant for the Planet got together to plant heritage fruit trees in danger of disappearing. This plan will improve biodiversity and sustainability rates, transforming farmland into a precious agroforestry system integrated into the landscape.

Felix Finkbeiner is a German ecologist and the founder of international environmental defence organisation Plant for the Planet. He talked to the youngsters about his adventure that started when he was just nine years old and had a single challenge: to plant a million trees around the planet. He now has ambassadors all over the world, children and young people who help to plant trees in their towns in an initiative that has become a benchmark in the fight against climate change at the level of Greta Thunberg.