CSR and Sustainability

Responsible Agriculture

“We want to contribute to sustainable development in our supply chain”

In this first stage Borges contemplates the management of its own farms as well as the collaboration with the suppliers of the agricultural sector and the external services that affect other points of the supply chain such as transport and logistics, to ensure that the purchase and the raw materials supplied are produced sustainably.

In our Supplier Code of Conduct we define the social and environtment criteria for suppliers selection.

Lines of work and commitments:

Natural resource management

Responsible procurement




  • We use sustainable, responsible farming methods and make careful use of water.
  • We care for the environment and fight climate change to lower the environmental impact of all our projects.
  • We protect and nurture biodiversity on our estates and our areas of influence.
  • We extend our commitment to the entire supply chain.

We take a holistic approach to soil, water and farming practices

Our agricultural division manages our plantations in line with strict sustainable farming criteria. We belong to the EsAgua platform, whose objective is to position Spanish companies as benchmarks in terms of their water footprint and sustainability. We are working toward certification in GLOBAL GAP (Good Agricultural Practices), a leading international standard for good agricultural practices and sustainable agriculture. We plan to certify all our estates under this standard in the years to come.

Another critical aspect of sustainable development is precision agriculture. This technique increases water use efficiency by monitoring soil and plant hydration and adjusting irrigation speeds to meet the needs of each stage of the growing season

Biodiversity plan for the Mas de Colom Estate

We have implemented a Biodiversity Action Plan at Mas de Colom that preserves and adds to the biodiversity of the estate using practices that boost atmospheric carbon sequestration, reduce soil erosion and help to mitigate climate change.

Among our many ongoing initiatives is the use of green covers (vegetation) to control fertile soil erosion and natural pest control. We have also planted more than 3,000 lineal metres of trees and bushes as a food source for animal life in the ecosystem, which also helps to sequester atmospheric carbon.

Borges International Group works to conserve nature and to harmonise production and enhanced biodiversity on all our estates and plantations.

Alliances that matter

Strengthening sustainable development throughout the supply chain is a mainstay of our Social Responsibility strategy. We do this by extending our commitment to suppliers, contractors and collaborators like transport operators and farmers, among others.

We have been cooperating closely in this area for years, adding sustainable vehicles to our fleet and helping farmers to manage their estates efficiency while conserving the environment. One of these initiatives is the BAIN Pistachio Project, in which we share our experience and offer advice about the production side of the business with future local pistachio producers.

We also ensure that all our contracts with collaborators contain clauses governing operations with suppliers that encourage ethical management of the supply chain and compliance with our Code of Conduct.