CSR and Sustainability

Supply chain

Working towards the sustainable development of the supply chain is key to our Social Responsibility strategy. Therefore, we extend our commitment to suppliers, contractors and collaborators to achieve this.

  • Mitigate risks of any human or social rights violations.
  • Ensure integrity and ethical conduct.
  • Minimise the environmental impact of our organisation

Our contracts include clauses relating to the operations of our suppliers, as part of the ethical management of the supply chain and our code of quality. In recent years, we have expanded our internal monitoring teams in order to further the continuous evaluation and cooperation of national and international collaborators.

The following initiatives have been carried out:

  • The following initiatives have been carried out supplier code of conduct.
  • Approval of the Ethical Principles for suppliers and collaborators and establishment of the Ethical Channel for suppliers.
  • Improvements to the Social Responsibility and Sustainability self-assessment questionnaire for the supply chain.
  • Analysis of fundamental aspects such as Transparency and Business Ethics, Human Rights, Social Action, Quality and the Environment.