CSR and Sustainability

Healthy & sustainable products

We supply healthy, sustainable food.”

Aware of the influence we have on our customers, we are responsible for promoting a healthy lifestyle through our products, which should be characterized by being sustainable in every way from their recyclability to their nutritional benefits.

Work lines and commitments

Health and



Packaging and

Corporate environmental

Energy efficiency and
renewable energies

  • We supply healthy, sustainable products for a healthy balanced diet.
  • We promote and encourage a lifestyle based on exercise and a Mediterranean diet to improve society’s quality of life.
  • We are reducing our use of plastics and introducing recycled, recyclable and lighter materials.
  • Our processes support the circular economy by optimising the use of by-products.
  • We promote the use of renewable energies and chooses to use efficient energy sources.

Alternatives to saturated fats

In line with our commitment to spread healthy eating, Borges has launched a healthy alternative to replace saturated fats in the food industry.
This new product range, based on unsaturated vegetable oils, is the result of the work of our R&D team, and is a real alternative to palm oil, dairy, hydrogenated and animal fats.

Product recycling and ecodesign

We design all our products considering sustainability and eco-innovation criteria. We are gradually introducing recycled PET into our packaging, and have obtained ECOSENSE certification for our single-dose containers. We have also invested in ecodesign, the result of which is our DUO® cap. These are just two examples which, as well as being healthy by nature, help to reduce food waste and the environmental impact of our packaging.

100% renewable electricity

We are transitioning toward renewable energies to reduce the environmental impact of our activity. Since 2020, 94% of all power used by Borges production centres has been from renewable sources, making a significant contribution to reducing our industrial activity’s carbon footprint.