CSR and Sustainability

Committed people

We are committed to our people, the communities where we work and the planet where we live.”

We work to better the well-being and development of our more than 1,000 workforce by paying continuous attention to equality, diversity and fair employment conditions. We help to develop the communities where we work and our planet by remembering that sustainable development is only possible through collaboration with our stakeholders.

Our Code of Ethics is based on respect for the law, humanity, loyalty, fairness and accountability and sets the behavioural standards we expect from employees and other stakeholders.

Work lines and committments:

Equality and




Community and

  • We are committed to fundamental human rights, actively encouraging real equality between men and women and no gender discrimination.
  • We promote good habits to improve our employees’ health and well-being.
  • We make it possible for our employees to achieve a healthy work-life balance.
  • We include people with functional diversity in the workplace and society and believe in equal opportunities in the employment world.

Borges People

Borges knows that looking after people is the first step to be a responsible company. We have long developed plans to care for our employees, prioritising the work-life balance, diversity, equality and occupational health and safety. We have a third equality plan, our “Business Equality” seal and we implement internal programmes that foster healthy habits, promote well-being among staff and manage their talent through training and career plans that encourage their professional development.

Social impact through social integration

Responsible talent management means recognising the skills of different groups outside our organisation. We have been employing people at risk of social marginalisation for years, including them in our everyday processes through outsourcing (office cleaning, printing, laundry, promotional packs, etc.). We also participate in Dual Training programmes to integrate recently qualified young people and have joined forces with the “Hay Salida” programme that assists female victims of gender violence.

All these are cornerstones of our activity.

Health, sport and culture

We collaborate with local organisations in our territory to promote culture, sport and health in our areas of influence. As well as supporting numerous sports events, we encourage people of all ages to exercise, and we contribute to health and culture by supporting research.