Borges Mediterranean Group awarded for Food Internationalization

The Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Environment has granted the “Foods from Spain Award 2013″ in Food Internationalization to BORGES MEDITERRANEAN GROUP, for its ‘entrepreneurship , professionalism, spirit of achievement and perseverance in pursuing their goals , that make this company a model of international marketing, making Borges a globally recognized brand ‘ .

These awards recognize the work of businesses and professionals who have distinguished themselves to produce, promote and provide quality Spanish food. Their contribution to the development of Spanish food sector in a sustainable and efficient way is also rewarded.

International vocation

The international commitment of the group began in 1957. Business outside Spain accounts for 79% of its billing , with a combination between mature markets and emerging countries and a position of leadership in the U.S., France, Russia, India and Singapore, among others.

Borges Mediterranean Group operates throughout the value chain, from production in their own fields and processing and industrialization of its fruits to its marketing across all channels. The company is present in 110 countries, with implantation with own offices in 15 of them, bill 610 million Euros and employs 941 people.

Currently, Borges Mediterranean Group has its own plantations, more than 1,500 acres in California, Extremadura and Granada, as well as twelve factories, and is present outside Spain with subsidiaries in the United States, Brazil, France, Poland, Russia, India, China, Tunisia, Morocco and Egypt.

Borges, a referent in Mediterranean cuisine

A system based on the export of Mediterranean Products – mostly from Spain -, allows families around the world to know and enjoy the benefits and values ​​of Mediterranean cuisine. The “Product of Spain” represents today 80 % of the bid, consolidating us as a leader in the marketing of healthy products related to the Mediterranean Diet.

Borges is the oil brand most widely distributed in the world, one of the top five global nuts operators and the first Spanish exporter of nuts, and its positioning in Mediterranean products helps the consumers to enjoy the standards and qualities Mediterranean cuisine as a global cultural concept that integrates food as a source of health and pleasure.