Borges switches to green energy

By switching to energy from renewable sources, Borges will avoid releasing 8,820 tons of CO2 into the atmosphere every year

A total of 94% of all energy used by Borges is from renewable sources

Through its strategic plan, “Committed by Nature”, Borges has taken steps toward protecting the environment and greater sustainability by switching to green energy from renewable sources.

From early 2020, 94% of all energy consumed at Borges’ global production centres will be from renewable sources. With this transition to green energy, Borges will reduce its CO2 emissions from the electricity it uses in its operations, avoiding the release of 8,820 tons of CO2 into the atmosphere and reducing its carbon footprint.

This is yet another initiative by Borges to make more efficient use of energy. Since August 2018, Borges Agricultural & Industrial Edible Oils, the group’s oil division, has been certified according to the ISO 50001 standard, whose main objective is to maintain and improve the energy management system. It has also operated a cogeneration plant since 1998, which reduces greenhouse gas emissions, and which has prevented the release of more than 5,000 tons of CO2 at state level in the last year. This cogeneration plant is considered one of the most efficient in the country and uses gases from the cogeneration boiler outlet to dry seeds, reducing energy consumption by 15,000 MWh per annum, the equivalent to 4,815 tons of CO2.

Borges will continue to work according to its strategic plan “Committed by Nature” to increase its use of renewable energies, by invest in strategic new energy sources and finding ways to reduce the environmental impact of its activity.

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