Renewal of the Equality in Business Distinction

In June, the company Borges SAU obtained renewal of the Equality in Business Distinction granted by the Ministry of Health, Social Services and Equality, in recognition of its policies of equal treatment and opportunities within organisations.

For Borges Mediterranean Group, it is a privilege to hold this distinction, since in 2010 Borges SAU was one of the 36 companies chosen from more than 600 initial applications from companies seeking to showcase their commitment to equality, to overcoming adversity and to self-improvement as a mark of excellence.

As such, being one of the first companies so awarded at that time, and now also one of the first to renew the Distinction, we take pride in thanking the work and contributions of all the Borges People that make this possible every day.

Our express commitment to equal opportunities began in 2007 and since then has been consolidated, meaning a qualitative change in our various Human Resources policies, such as recruitment and selection procedures, promotions, training plans, time management, work policies, reconciliation of family, personal and work life, etc., as well as organisational models and other areas such as services, products and the company’s advertising.

To that end, we are working within the framework of our 2nd Equality Plan, which is allowing us to increase the motivation and commitment of our employees, as well as their potential and capabilities, and to optimise diversity management, consolidate our corporate culture and ultimately project a corporate image in accordance with our ethical principles.

Equality is a basic principle for Borges Mediterranean Group, and we consider it essential to have a work environment ruled by mutual trust and respect, diversity, ease of integration and determination to pursue the professional fulfilment of each worker.

“Defending the title”, to use the simile that we hear so often in sports media, places Borges Mediterranean Group, once again, at the head of the companies in its sector.